sssssss boom aaaahhhh *whistle* an ode to band

So this past weekend was my final spring concert. Final. As is no more. Done. Forever.

It’s hard to put into words what this feels like. I have been playing the piano since kindergarten. I started playing percussion in fifth grade. I joined the drumline in ninth grade. I started playing saxaphone in tenth grade. I joined the UW marching band and have marched all four years of my college career. And now, it’s done.

There were times that I really wanted to quit. The biggest time was before ninth grade. I hated concert band because it was all too easy. My dad forced me to go to band camp and if I didn’t like it there, then I would be allowed to quit. Well, I’m sure you now how the story turned out.

The drumline has given me many ups and downs in both high school and in college. I have never met a more eclectic group of people. I have gone through so much both physically and mentally to get where I am today. Being the only girl on the bass line throughout college has been a whirlwind of an adventure. We have this saying in the UW band “if it was easy, anybody could do it!”

I don’t know if i’ll ever play in a band again, and that scares me. However, my love and joy through music will never cease. My years in band have given me everything, and all I have to say is….

Thanks, Mike.


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