Harry Potter References Galore!

All I want to do is get on a broom and fly around London.

We woke up around 8am (2am CST) and had breakfast. The hotel had their traditional breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon (which is more like a ham) fruit, fried tomatoes, baked beans and fried bread. I wanted dad to try blood pudding, but unfortunately they didn’t have it.

We left and took the underground to go into London. It took everything I had not to ask information about how to catch the knight bus. I pulled an Arthur Weasley and ran into the gates because my card didn’t register. I didn’t know if I was more happy or embarrassed…

I have taken many different subways in many different countries and cities but I have now found myself unable to look at oncoming trains for fear that Zoey Barnes may just pop out of nowhere and “trip”

I may be scarred for life.

Anyways, after a few turn arounds and misreading of the map, we finally made it to the station to catch the bus to Warner Brothers… a half hour late.


Thankfully they let us get on the next bus. It was another double decker that played HP1 on the way there (score!). It took about an hour and a half to get out to the studio.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

They put us in a theatre and gave us an introduction from the magnificent three (Dan, Rupert and Emma on a video unfortunately). By then I was shaking with excitement. We got to walk through the actual great hall they used for filming (I almost wet myself) as well as sets from: the common room, potions classroom, the burrow, Dumbledoor’s office and the Hogwarts Express. They also had props and costumes from just about everything. They had stuff from the effect and art department which was amazing. I also had true butterbeer for the first time. I took approximately 7,000 pictures.

We stayed there for about 4 hours. Of course, I could have been there for longer.

We got back to London around 6pm and walked around for a bit. We found Buckingham palace and walked around the outside of that which was cool.

All I want to do know is re-read the books…. good thing I have time before grad school starts.


I’ll post all of the pictures sometime later.


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