Iceland really lived up to its name

No, it wasn’t covered in ice, but it might as well be. It was FA-REEZING. Okay so it wasn’t that bad, but my body is used to the heat and humidity, so I have a right to complain.

Me, being the intelligent person that I am, didn’t research the weather before I left so I showed up in very thin leggings and sandals. I got looks.

The airport looked like an Ikea; it was maze like and we had to go through a lot of stores to get where we needed to go. To me, it could have been Ikea for all I knew; I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. We got off the plane around 8am Iceland time (3am CST) and I hadn’t shut my eyes yet.

We waited a couple of hours and walking around aimlessly we got on a bus to go to the blue lagoon. It was extremely windy which didn’t add well to the chill (see picture, my hair is standing up). I ended up wearing my JE SUIS AMERICAINE rain jacket and drew even more attention to the fact that I wasn’t prepared. Everyone had heavy jackets, pants and closed toed shoes. Nice.

The blue lagoon was very posh and very european. The water (was it water? more like a salt / mineral concoction) was really nice and warm (they claimed 100 degrees, but I doubt it) The workers standing out in the elements were wearing snow jumpsuits. Yeah, it was that cold. There were steam rooms, a swim-up bar and a mud/salt mask you could put on your face. Everyone looked like they were second graders with Elmers glue on their face.

DSCN3794    DSCN3793



(don’t worry, I have a swimsuit on!)

The concoction was supposed to be super great for your skin and supposed to leave it feeling great, but I just felt like my skin had a lot of salt on it. It was smooth, yet salty.

On the bus ride back I tried really hard to stay awake but could not for the life of me keep my eyes open. Following came the biggest struggle of my life to stay awake. I was quite literally falling asleep on the airport floor while I was waiting for customs to open. By the time we got on our plane I have been up for 24 hours. It was around 4pm in Iceland (11am CST). I fell asleep on the plane and don’t remember any of it.

We got to London around 8pm and waited or an hour to go through customs, and eventually got to our hotel around 11pm. Heathrow airport is HUGE and there was a lot of walking in winding hallways. We went promptly to sleep once we got to the hotel.

Observations on Iceland:

1.Everyone was white; I did not see one person of color there. However,

2. Nobody lives there! We drove through a town and it looked completely empty! It was so weird! After further review I found out that the population is around 360,000 which is about the size of Minneapolis. Around 40% of the people live in the Capitol.

3. There is no grass! Everywhere is volcanic rock and moss. It kind of made Iceland look like a barren wasteland. I later found out that more inland there is grass and fertile soil. However, on the coast it looked like a different planet.


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