I AM ALIVE!!! (I was worried for a bit…)

Long time, no talk. The internet on the ship is super scattered and slow so blogging has been a bit of a struggle. I also cannot post pictures because the email server that I am using doesn’t allow that. So, when I get WiFi, I can post pictures. Trust me, there are a lot.
So, London.
The day after Harry Potter dad and I went on a grand tour of London on one of those double decker tour buses. It was great to see all of London and learn about its history and different areas. I think the coolest thing that I saw was Speakers Corner. Unfortunately it wasn’t Sunday, so the event wasn’t taking place. Speakers Corner is where anyone can go and talk about anything they want. Be it religion, politics, comedy, philosophy… save for anything against the monarch (people love their queen). However, if you are to participate, you must stand on a ladder, or box, and have your feet a certain amount off the ground (I don’t remember how much). In the old times, they used soap boxes. It was really cool to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Eye, London and Tower Bridge, as well as a lot more. I would love to go back sometime and actually dive deep into the history and buildings. Due to time constraints we weren’t able to go in any of the places.
Dad and I also went on a boat tour on the Thames River. I will admit that I did take a little nap on the boat, but it was cool to see London from the river! We then ate dinner (pizza… with an egg on top!) and went back to the hotel.
London was amazing. If given the chance, I would definitely move there. I would compare it to Washington D.C. in that it is very busy with the hustle and bustle but there are no tall sky scrapers everywhere.
So yeah London was great!
Some observations:
I didn’t see anyone begging! It was very different than the US where in larger cities there are people who are homeless and/or begging.
No one honked their horn. Like the US again, in larger cities comes a lot of traffic noise. Even though people drove like crazy over there, there was little honking and road rage.
The driving there confused me. Driving on the left side while steering on the right side and the lines are going all over the place. I couldn’t understand.
In fact, it is so crazy that at every single cross walk, there were directions to tell you which way to look for oncoming traffic.
Everyone wore blue somewhere. The clothing was very natural, deep earthy tones. Also, NO ONE wore sandals. Everyone had closed toed shoes.
There were buses EVERYWHERE. I have no idea how they drove because they are big and there were so many of them.

I should be posting about the first few days on the ship in a little bit! (warning: graphic content to come*)

*not really, I just threw up a lot…


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