So by now y’all might have realized that I am not good good with words. Some people (ahem ahem) have been emailing me back pointing out all of my errors. I would just like to say this…
be happy this blog is even happening at all.
But in all seriousness, yes I know, I make errors. Please try to ignore them, I know I do.
So where did we leave off?
Ah, yes! I got on the ship!
It was great to get on early because on 70 of us had to go through security instead of 500. They check EVERYTHING. Security is real tight on the ship.
I got to know a lot of the work study students which was great. Dad also came on the ship that night and I gave him a tour. Seeing as I had only been on for a few hours, it was a very rough tour (hey dad, yes they do have a movie theatre! I just had no idea where it was)
The next day all of the students came and I got to check them in. It was a long day and the boat seemed really crowded afterwards. We left earlier than schedule that night because there was a storm coming towards us.
The next day was probably one of the worst days of my existence.
I woke up at 4:30am convinced that the ship was going to break in half. It would pitch into a wave and then roll back up and the front would then come back down and slap the water. The whole boat would shake and creak. It was miserable. Almost everyone on the ship was sick. They gave us all medicine that made everyone super drowsy. All I did was sleep and throw up that day. Thankfully is was only orientation so I missed it all and just made it up one of the following days.
The next wasn’t much better, but I did go to classes. In between them, though, I slept. It would a rough day trying to stay awake and not let nausea get the best of you.
The day after that the seas were calm and people could finally walk the ship without falling or running into things.
The professors here are all super interesting and engaging. Honestly, I would take all of the classes if I could. The courses I am taking are: Intro to World Art, Ethics and Human Rights, Philosophy of Religion, and Multiculturalism and Women’s RIghts.
The food on the ship is okay. You can tell that each day the food gets more and more “nonperishable.” There is a LOT of pasta, potatoes and rice. People are actually asking to borrow some of my benefiber (thanks, Grandma!)
There are lectures at night that talk about different subjects and I have been going to a lot of them. Some of the subjects are: the geography of the Mediterranean, Sight, Sounds and Tastes of Italy, why there are different languages etc etc etc.
Up next is Italy!


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