Winter is Coming… for you at least

Remember me? I have found myself horrible at blogging which is apparent in the amount of time I dedicate to doing it.
Nevertheless, I will try and keep you updated!
After Italy we went to Croatia. Remember in my last post I mentioned that Turkey was cancelled and that we were rerouted to Croatia? No? Well I don’t blame you it was so long ago.
The port in Croatia was by far the most beautiful of the others we docked in. The blue sea, the green trees and the red houses were all blending together to create a beautiful Croatian countryside.
We got off the of ship and wandered to the old city of Dubrovnik which was about a mile from port. We checked in at the Air B&B and then went into the Old City. We walked the wall which was gorgeous. Game of Thrones is filmed right outside of the City so there was a lot of tourist-y options for fans of the show. We ate a seafood lunch and then my friend Alanna decided to climb up a hill to watch the sunset. At the top of the hill is the boarder of Bosnia and where the fort was located during the war. We watched the sun set over the old city which was gorgeous and then went back down and ate dinner. There is a lot of seafood consumption and the fish is very fresh. The next day I went to Lokrum Island with two friends. The island is known for its peacocks. We went swimming and had lunch and then headed back to mainland. That night I went with a field program to a woman’s house where she fed us a traditional Croatian dinner. Lots of wine, figs, meat and potatoes. The day after I went with SAS again to Medjugory which is in Bosnia. It was beautiful and a great experience, even though we did get held up at the boarder for an hour. We had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and fried vegetables. We toured the are and learn all about the pilgrimage sight and the events that occur there.
On the fourth day my friends and I went on a biking tour of the Croatian countryside. I realized that all those years biking in Madison have really payed off and I am quite a fast biker. We had to go on dirt paths, through a stream and saw a old grain mill run by water. It was very relaxing and our guide was great. Plug: if you ever go to Dubrovnik, use Adventure Dalmatia for any tours.
The last day I spent my day at a cafe getting internet so I could share some pictures on Facebook with all of you!
We have to be back on the ship by 1800 so that they ship can leave at promptly 2000.
I’ll try to update my blog more as I have more time on the ship and less time in port!


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