You have entered the vault. Not filled with gold or silver, or the elixir of life* but with the random musings of a twenty something female. It’s not much, but my boyfriend is always asking me what i’m thinking. So at least he’s interested.

I started this blog awhile go, but have since deleted a lot of my old posts. I want this blog to mostly be about Semester at Sea.

So about me? That’s a loaded question. On the outside I’m just you typical brown haired, blue eyed female who can’t get a grip. Like most girls, right?

On the inside i’m just your average :

Jesus loving

anxiety ridden

nail biting

pizza eating


misophonia (misophonic?)

worldwide traveling

shower hating

people loving

social working

book loving



bass drumming

chocolate craving


You’ll get to know more as you read.

*50 points to Gryffindor if you get the reference


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